Prototyping with Cricut

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this site. When I started rapid prototype revision to my current game, I decided that my methods might be worth sharing. As with any game, the first few versions of Winter Rabbit were rough, quickly thrown together, and ugly. As I’ve started to lock in mechanics […]

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The Making of Churrascaria – Part 4

Been busy the last few weeks between attending Super! BitCon here in OKC, getting interviewed by a local podcast, and generally trying to spread the word of Churrascaria around here. Figured it was time to get back to the design diary. Last time we looked at the food cards in general. This time I wanted […]

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The Making of Churrascaria – Part 3

The food is the most important part of a Churrascaria, and thus the most important part of the game I decided to make based on them. The very first arguments prompted by the very first prototype of the game were on the values I had assigned to each item. These first two images are the […]

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The Making of Churrascaria – Part 2

Having created my first version of Churrascaria on a whim, I never really expected it to come this far. Now, of course, it’s very close to ready for a Kickstarter and I’ve got a bunch of other designs in progress to follow it. It’s been a rather long road though from there to here, and […]

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The Making of Churrascaria – Part 1

Designing a game in an interesting process. I have been working on Churrascaria now for a little over two years, and in that time it has gone through at least sixteen major revisions, countless minor revisions, and hundreds of playtests. All to bring it to its current incarnation, which while very close to final, may […]

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New Churrascaria Prototype!

I am excited to announce that we received the first professionally printed prototype for Churrascaria in the mail yesterday morning and then managed to get 6 excellent play tests with it at the Oklahoma Board Game Community’s game day at the Coop Brewery here in Oklahoma. Overall response was great, we still have a few minor things to […]

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Super! Bitcon News and other Events

We are pleased to announce that Absurdist Productions will have a booth at this year’s Super! BitCon gaming convention here in Oklahoma City at the end of April. Though we took Churrascaria to PAX South for playtests in the free play areas back in January, this will be the first time we’ll be making an apperance […]

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PAX was a blast

Back from an exhausting, but productive PAX South. I’d like to thank all the people who play tested our game, and for all the feedback you gave us. Your comments and suggestions are part of what helps us turn our great idea into an excellent game. We’ll be hard at work on revisions in the […]

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Going to PAX!

Though we formally came into being a little too late to try and register as an exhibitor, we will be at PAX South as attendees. Roaming the table top areas looking for cool games to play and hopefully some play testers to give Churrascaria a try. As well as handing out our fancy new business cards […]

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