We funded, now what?

Its been just under a week since the Churrascaria: A Cutthroat Game of Gluttony Relaunch Kickstarter campaign ended. The dust has settled, and we not only funded but unlocked every single stretch goal we had planned. It has been an amazing experience, but also an incredibly exhausting one. A Busy Campaign All of us here […]

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Churrascaria is Live on Kickstarter!
Meat Cards

The campaign for Churrascaria is officially live and by the time of this posting, we are already at 25%! I’m gonna keep this short and sweet since all of the important info in Kickstarter. $21 2 copies for $28 Free US Shipping (and cheap elsewhere) Please, back us right away and help keep the momentum […]

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Churrascaria is on Tabletopia
Churrascaria Tabletopia

Great news everybody! We have added Churrascaria: A Cutthroat Game of Gluttony to Tabletopia. What’s Tabletopia? If you haven’t heard of Tabletopia, it is a website providing a virtual environment for playing a huge number of different tabletop games. The site works in IE, Safari, and Chrome and provides a robust editor for building virtual […]

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The Making of Churrascaria – Part 4

Been busy the last few weeks between attending Super! BitCon here in OKC, getting interviewed by a local podcast, and generally trying to spread the word of Churrascaria around here. Figured it was time to get back to the design diary. Last time we looked at the food cards in general. This time I wanted […]

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The Making of Churrascaria – Part 3

The food is the most important part of a Churrascaria, and thus the most important part of the game I decided to make based on them. The very first arguments prompted by the very first prototype of the game were on the values I had assigned to each item. These first two images are the […]

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