Meet the absurdists

Welcome to the Absurd

We all want to feel like we belong, like we are part of something more. We want to be able to connect with others and be part of a community that goes beyond ourselves. 

This is what is so amazing about board games.

Games bring people together in a way where all folx can feel comfortable. It lets a wide variety of folks show up to the table and participate, to join the community.

Absurdist Productions creates more than strategy games, party games, or family games.

We create community games.

Our games are designed to bring everyone to the table, regardless of who your game group consists of. Whether that’s friends, family, or strangers, we want our games to connect you and bring you together. We want our games to create a little bit of community for you and those around you.

About  Absurdist Productions

We formed Absurdist Productions because we wanted to make games our way. We didn’t want to rely on another publisher to see our vision. We wanted to make sure that we were able to create the best games we possibly could without anyone stifling our creativity. We wanted to craft and own it ourselves. We wanted to make sure our games met our own high standards, and if they failed, we wanted to own that too.

When we shared our first game, Churrascaria, we were able to watch the reaction folx were having to what we created. We were able to sit back and see someone cheer in victory when they forced their friend to eat a plate full of sides or the shock as someone pulled off a plate-clearing combo. 

This experience happens again and again with each game we share. Someone’s face lights up in joy when they save the dinosaur they didn’t think they could in Paleovet. When we see others play our RPG campaigns, we witness the comradery and pride that comes with figuring out the puzzles or dealing the killing blow.

The realization that our games were at the center of these experiences deeply impacted us and left us with another purpose: 

To create games that bring people together.

Meet the Team

Dave Thomas

Co-Owner; Designer; Developer

I have to design games, I simply can’t help myself. I have hundreds of ideas bouncing around my head and it’s the only way I know of to get them out; this is my creative outlet. I love the freedom as a publisher to ensure that the game I make is exactly what I’m wanting to create, that I am not just throwing a theme on top of a set of rules. Plus, being a publisher has a unique set of challenges that I really enjoy working through; such as, being able to work with artists, figuring out logistics, and digging deeper into the game industry.

Will Thompson

Co-Owner; Designer; Developer

Games have always been a part of my life. Ever since I was a child, I would make or modify various games in some way. There’s a challenge involved that is unlike any other. Trying to make the idea that I came up with work is like solving a puzzle. You take aspects from these different domains that seem unrelated at surface level; but end up having a huge crossover in designing games. From math and graphic design to story-telling and social interaction, you can find it all, and more, in the process. I’ve tried doing many things with my life, but this has been the most fulfilling.

Harley R.

All The Things

Playing games has always been something I’ve really enjoyed doing. From forcing my parents to play a game with me just once to taking on the actions of three players in order to play the game myself to introducing my daughter to Candyland when she was 2, games are a huge part of my life. Yet, I never once thought about how they ended up on the game shelf for me to buy, at least, not until I met the guys of Absurdist. Working with them showed me so much of the process that I fell in love with it and am glad to be part of the team.