Churrascaria Playmat

Churrascaria Playmats Available Again

When we Kickstarted Churrascaria we had the idea of adding playmats as an addon. We thought it would be a neat thing that a few people would buy. Turns out people loved them way more then we expected. Despite having several hundred manufactured, between the Kickstarter and PAX South, we sold out extremely quickly.

Since then, people have been asking when we would get more of them. We get the question at every convention we visit, as well as through email and social media. Unfortunately, we simply couldn’t find a way to get them made affordably, until now. We have found a US manufacturer we can work with to get the quality and price we need to make these available once more.

That’s right folks, the Churrascaria playmats are back, or at least will be after a short preorder phase. If you missed them last time head over to our shop page. We have them available individually, in a bundle of six for those who like to play Churrascaria with max players, and even a bundle containing four mats and a copy of the game for those new to our game of gluttony. That last option is also a great gift idea.

The pre-order will last until the end of Brazil’s famous Carnival, February 26th. After pre-orders end, we will put in the order to get them manufactured and they should start arriving in your mailboxes around the end of April.

We are super excited to get these back in stock and we will also have playmats available for purchase at our convention appearances starting in June. What for some upcoming posts on that schedule.


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