Q: When setting up the game with less than six players, what should we do with the remaining Frango and Salada cards?

A: Return the remaining cards to the box, they are not used in games with fewer than six players.

Q: Should the Stomach piles be face up or face down?

A: The rules state to keep the stomach pile face down. This is for thematic reasons as you can’t see into the stomach of your friends when eating dinner, but can try to remember what they have eaten. As a variant, we have seen some players who prefer a more directly competitive gameplay with their stomach piles face up and fanned out so that players can always have a general tally of everyone’s score.

Q: If it is not my turn another player forces me to eat, do the effects on my food trigger?

A: The effects on food trigger when they are put in your stomach pile regardless of whose turn it is. Because of this, it is important for people to pay attention to what effects could trigger when they force other players to eat.

Q: When multiple players have food effects trigger, such as by a Feeding Frenzy making everyone eat, in what order do you resolve these?

A: Starting with the person who played the Feeding Frenzy and moving clockwise, each player resolves each of their food card effect. Other players can, of course, attempt to use Reaction Cards as normal during this time.

Q: What exactly counts as part of a plate for the Look Over There Card effect?

A: You plate consists of the cards in the four slots in the tableau area in front of you (these will all be food cards) and if you are using the Drinks expansion any drink you have will also count as part of your plate even though it does not take up one of the four spots on your plate.

Q: I am using the Drink expansion and draw a Drink Card from the deck, the rules state it doesn’t take up one of the four plate slots, where should I put it?

A: You should place it directly above the area where you are placing your food cards, much like you would put your glass nearby your plate when eating at an actual restaurant. However, remember that it does still count as part of your plate for all Action Cards to effect a plate.

Q: The Can I get that for you? Card allows me to discard all side and dessert cards from my plate. Where do these cards go?

A: Any card discarded using the Can I get that for you? Card or the effect on the Caipirinha Drink Card are removed from the game and set aside.