Going to PAX!

Though we formally came into being a little too late to try and register as an exhibitor, we will be at PAX South as attendees. Roaming the table top areas looking for cool games to play and hopefully some play testers to give Churrascaria a try. As well as handing out our fancy new business cards and generally spreading the word of our existence. As well as a stop over at Texas de Brazil, the Churrascaria resturant that inspired this little endeavour almost exactly two years ago.

PAX South will also be the first place anyone will see Churrascaria will full art on all the cards. Not everything is final yet, but the cards are looking amazing and for that, I’d like to thank the amazing Ellie Jang. Whose art work will also eventually be showing up on the box and other related material, and which I hope to start showing more of here on the site in the coming weeks.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend coming up, and to those heading to PAX as I am, maybe we’ll run into some of you at the con.


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