New Churrascaria Prototype!

I am excited to announce that we received the first professionally printed prototype for Churrascaria in the mail yesterday morning and then managed to get 6 excellent play tests with it at the Oklahoma Board Game Community’s game day at the Coop Brewery here in Oklahoma. Overall response was great, we still have a few minor things to tweak, but everything is very much on track for a Kickstarter campaign come September-October timeframe.

If you happen to be one of our play testers I’d like to thank you again for your time and interest, and if you haven’t tried the game yet you can find us most weekends at Loot & XP in Norman, Ok, and once a month at the game day at the Coop brewery. You can also follow us on the Absurdist Productions Facebook page for more up to date info on where we will be. Also a reminder that we will have a booth at Super! BitCon here in Oklahoma City at the end of April doing demos of Churrascaria. Until next time, keep gaming.

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