PaleoVet: In The Media!!

On that note, we thought you’d be interested in watching or listening to some previews, reviews, and thoughts other folx have about our game. It is common that games will have a selection of these on Kickstarter, which we also have posted there, but we wanted to make sure we shared them here too.

Gaming With Edo:

Key Takeaways!

“PaleoVet absolutely exceeded my expectations. I think this game is great. I really enjoyed playing the game a lot. Very simple. Very straightforward”

“What levels this up is all the dinosaurs have different abilities. Some of which trigger automatically, some benefit you when they are in your hospital… There’s a really nice dynamic for which dinosaurs you want to keep in your hospital, whether you want to heal them immediately or not.”

“I found it to be an immensely enjoyable, dice-rolling manipulation game where the theme was put through it pretty smartly and was used to create interesting mechanics and dynamics between the cards.”

Love 2 Hate Games:

Key Takeaways!

“Getting into this game, I thought the mechanics and what you were trying to do is very straight-forward… For me, everything really worked well in this game.” [-Lance, gamer]

“Anytime I see a game with dinosaurs, I tend to think children’s game … and I think ‘please Lord, don’t make me have to pronounce the name of the dinosaurs’… I was not super enthused about it at first look… It was one of the smoothest games, especially for a Kickstarter. This was very surprisingly smooth. I think it’s a great game for a non-gamer because it went so smooth. It was a good game.” [-Sam, non-gamer]

“It was a good experience because I didn’t feel like I had to explain a whole lot to you [Sam, non-gamer] for you to get the idea of what it is you are trying to accomplish.” [-Lance, gamer]

“It was very clear. The cards were clear. Your goal was clear. There were a couple of questions here and there, as usual when you’re playing a new game, but it was just a very straight-forward … easy-to-understand and smooth game.” [-Sam, non-gamer]

“The compelling part of the game was which dinosaurs to pick in the market [field] and making sure you’re stocked up on dinosaurs. .. You can be a very powerful veterinarian in this game and be healing these dinosaurs left and right.” [-Lance, gamer]

“I really enjoyed the thinking of it when you have this dinosaur in your clinic you get this benefit. So I don’t want to heal this right now because it will help me heal others, so how long can I keep it in here and push that edge of not being able to heal it.” [-Sam, non-gamer]

“Because you’re not always sure what you’ll get on those dice and that really builds the tension and the good stress level with this game. There is a gamble you are playing with as far as the abilities on the dinosaurs go and how many you keep in your hospital.” [-Lance, gamer]

“I thought they did a really good job of thinking of things like that [keeping with the theme], even as someone who knows very little about dinosaurs, I understood it.” [-Sam, non-gamer]

“You never feel like this game is totally all luck or this stinks because I didn’t get what I thought I would get. You still feel like it was your choices that led you to that point.” [-Lance, gamer]

“I would like to try out any games they make if all of them continue to be this straight-forward. It’s just a sigh of relief for a non-gamer.” [-Sam, non-gamer]

“This isn’t a very complicated game. It’s a very straight-forward, smooth idea of what you’re trying to do. It’s just not always easy to make that happen.” [-Lance, gamer]

Malthaus Games:

Key Takeaways!

“It was an amazing game [-Hayley]. It was a very good game [-Delton].”

“If you have less than four dinosaurs, you will put one into your veterinary clinic, which I love that idea of automatically getting a dinosaur. I’d hate to be the person who didn’t roll a tranquilizer and has just a bummed turn.” [-Delton]

“One thing I do like in the game is that there are 27 different dinos, but you will always have all 50 dinosaur cards in the play field. So, depending on how the game goes, there is potential to see every card, every game, but it is unlikely that is going to happen.”  [-Delton]

“I do enjoy that because that means you can get better at the game and learn the strategies of the game every time you play it. It’s not so random with dice and too many cards to where you’re like ‘I don’t know what I’m doing! Hehe’”  [-Delton]

“I really like that you can bust it out with your 8- 10- year old niece and nephew and play the base version. Or as adults, you can play the full version and really have a lot of strategy. It scales really well.”  [-Hayley]

“What it comes down to, I think for me is, after we got done playing, this is one of those games that hits the perfect mark of people that aren’t into the hobby of gaming are going to have fun with it. People that are into the hobby of gaming are going to have fun with it. Kids and adults alike can have fun with it. Family, friends, anybody.”  [-Delton]

“It’s easy enough to grasp for multiple people to get in on and it’s one of those that’s always fun to play and it plays in a short playtime.”   [-Delton]

“We really had a great time playing and I’m really excited for the Kickstarter.”   [-Delton]

“And totally have Christmas presents for 2022 planned out for our nieces and nephews because we’re totally getting this game for them.” [-Hayley]

“I had a specialized hospital where I treated a lot of sauropods. We were set up to treat them, threat them efficiently, and to treat them well”  [-Hayley]

Meeple University:

Key Takeaways!

“It’s good to have more dice, but also you gotta make sure you are using the dice efficiently. If you don’t use them, they are wasted that round. You can use the dice to heal the dinos, but maybe balance that with using the dice for upgrades too.”

“The game also has three different ways to play to ensure that the game can be played by more casual gamers and families.”

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