PaleoVet: Initial Stretch Goals Announced!

We wanted to give you a sneak peek at the stretch goals that will be up when we launch our Kickstarter in the next week! 

Bringing PaleoVet to life is something we have been dreaming about and working on for quite some time. Check out our last post if you’re interested in the general stats of the game and the pledge levels available!

How Did You Pick the Stretch Goals?

We did our best to put together a really solid, high-quality, and exciting game for you so when we fully fund, you will not be disappointed. The stretch goals we picked out make our game a bit more fancy or include other things not required for an epic game or for game play itself.

When we were brainstorming ideas for different stretch goals, we considered different things we would like to have, if we were backing a game, along with things we wish other games had. We began listing out everything we saw on other campaigns that were exciting to us, anything that we would like to have relating to PaleoVet specifically, and dream stretch goals that we would be excited to offer.

Then we reached out to different manufacturing companies for quotes and information on those stretch goals. We created an intense spreadsheet that calculated how much we’d have to sell financially to be able to cover the costs of the manufacturing of the stretch goals. It was a complex, data-driven analysis, but it was necessary to make sure we didn’t end up losing money.

Current Stretch Goals

These are our first few current stretch goals and are subject to change given quotes we receive back or other factors.

$12,000 – Fully Funded!!! 

WOOT! This is the most important stretch goal in the entire campaign. Why? Because if we don’t fully fund, then we aren’t able to bring our dream and this game to life. This is a huge achievement and one we will definitely be celebrating!

Stretch Goal #1: UV Spot on Game Box

This is a super fun stretch goal as it allows us to upgrade the look of the box to be a bit fancier. We will select an area of the box, perhaps the logo, that will receive UV Spotting.

UV spotting essentially makes the selection of the box a bit more glossy than the rest of the box, creating a nice shine on an otherwise matte finish.

Stretch Goal #2: Custom Insert

As we walk around with our demo prototype and play games with folx, we end up with components scattered all around the box. We don’t have an insert. We simply put the materials in a box and go. Not a fan! 

I love having a place where I can put components so it stays a little bit more organized! I’m always excited when a box includes an insert that has a place for all the things.

With the custom insert, we are going to have a space that will hold the game’s cards, tokens, and dice which gives the components a home in the box! We will even make sure that the card slots are big enough to allow you to sleeve your cards! 

However, we might have something a bit more fancy later on in the stretch goals, but you’ll have to get there to see! 

Stretch Goal #3: First Player Meeple (DELUXE!)

This stretch goal is JUST for the Deluxe tier.

OH! We are so excited about this! We are still working on exactly what this is going to look like and how big it is going to be, but it’s going to make a statement. We love meeples and love the ability to denote who happened to be the first player (in case you don’t follow our rules of allowing the oldest player to go first!)

This makes it especially beneficial for the end of the game, the player who empties one pile of dinosaurs initiates the final round. The final round goes until you reach the first player. 

However, feel free to use your first player meeple for anything you’d like to – including decorating your desk, which is what Harley likes to do with her meeples and game tokens!

Social Stretch Goals

We will have a few social stretch goals because we would love to see our game on more tables. Including social stretch goals will allow us to have our game show up in front of an audience that we may not have been able to reach on our own. This is a great way of supporting us and our game, even if you don’t back the game yourself.

The argument against a social stretch goal is that if you can afford to offer the item as a social stretch goal, then you can include it with the game. And, for the most part, they aren’t wrong. Social stretch goals generally add very little cost to the company and exist purely to help spread awareness. 

However, some stretch goals tied to campaign funding level also add very little cost to the company.

By using social stretch goals, the company is giving folx another avenue to support the company in a way that is not tied to financial status. This makes it a bit more accessible and it is also way more fun, interactive, and engaging for backers.

As a backer, you can only increase your pledge so much to contribute to the funding of the project, based on your individual situation and financial status. However, helping a company reach their social goals is extremely low cost and, in most cases, has no monetary commitment at all. This means you can continue to contribute to the project and unlock new stretch goals without having to break your budget!

One of my favorite social stretch goals that we have is a digital (PDF) book of dinosaurs. It will include art from our game and a little factual snippet about each of the dinosaurs. It will be put together really nicely and, if we meet the goal, we will be able to share that PDF with everyone who backs the game.

Basic Stretch Goals vs Deluxe Stretch Goals

Basic Stretch Goals

Any stretch goal that doesn’t mention it is for deluxe tiers will be considered a basic stretch goal. If you make a pledge that includes a copy of the game ($39), you will receive any included stretch goal upgrades. 

Deluxe Stretch Goals

We really wanted to give you extra goodies for supporting us at a higher tier, so we have included a couple of stretch goals just for those who have backed us at the deluxe tier ($59)! You will also receive all basic stretch goals.

What about the Sticker Tier?

Due to the price at this tier and the lower shipping costs, the sticker tier is not eligible for any of the stretch goals. While you could include add-ons, if you so choose, backing at the Basic or Deluxe tier will ensure you get all of the stretch goals we unlock.


Some stretch goals will unlock certain add-ons, which are not included in the tiers. The add-ons are an additional purchase that you can update your pledge to include or wait for the pledge manager to obtain.

Why Only Tell Us A Few?

We are still working on coming up with stretch goals for further on down the campaign trail and we aren’t sure what this campaign is going to look like. We have no idea if it’ll take us a few days to hit 12k or if we’ll triple it in the first 12 hours, there’s no way of knowing what could happen until it happens.

We don’t want to end up in a situation where we have hit a milestone on the first day that completed all of the stretch goals we could figure out. This would leave us in a situation of scrambling to come up with more ideas, get quotes for those ideas, budget them to make sure they’re doable, and more. It’s really tough coming up with solid stretch goal ideas. Thus, we plan to share only a few stretch goals as we go to gauge how the campaign goes.

Plus, while there can be excitement to see a stretch goal further down the campaign trail, it could cause a more negative reaction. We don’t want backers to feel discouraged because we are only at 12k and they are really excited about a stretch goal for 50k. We also want to focus on just a few things at a time so we can be encouraged and excited.

Your Input Is ALWAYS Important To Us

We are really excited about the possibilities and want to make sure we have stretch goals that our audience is excited about. Don’t hesitate to reach out at any time and let us know what you would like to see! 

Oh, and don’t worry, we’re still sitting back here dreaming up shiny, big, audacious goals we’d love to be able to accomplish with this campaign, just in case we get there!

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