PaleoVet: Kickstarter Pledge Tiers Announced!

We wanted to give you a sneak peek at what the pledge tiers will be when we launch our Kickstarter in a few weeks. We are so excited to have put these together to bring our game to your table!

Bringing PaleoVet to life is something we have been dreaming about and working on for quite some time. We want to share a few stats with you on the game itself and then we will dive into the pledge tiers.


  • 50 Dinosaur Cards | Tarot size, 300gsm black-core 
    • Tarot size is 2.75″ x 4.75″ making them a bit bigger than standard playing cards which are 2.5” x 3.5”.
    • 300gsm refers to the thickness of the cards. This is the standard in the hobby gaming world for quality cards and it is believed that there isn’t much benefit in going higher than this.
    • Black-core refers to the amount of “snap” or anti-crease in the cards as well as the ability to see through the cards. Black-core is considered one of the highest qualities out there, being on par with casino cards. 
    • Best guess examples: Magic The Gathering is believed to be roughly 305gsm blue-core. Bicycle Playing Cards is believed to be roughly 300gsm with blue-core. Blue-core is typically a step down from black-core.
  • 4 Reference Cards | Tarot size, 300gsm black-core 
  • 20 Upgrade Cards | Half Playing Card size, 300gsm black-core
    • Half Playing Card size is roughly 2.5”x 1.6”
  • 16 White Basic Treatment Dice | Six-Sided 16mm Acrylic Silk-Screenprinted
    • 16mm is the most common size dice for six-sided dice 
    • Silk-Screenprinted is what takes your blank one-color component to a component with a design on it. The common dice that exist with the different amounts of dots on each side are not Silk-Screenprinted. Silk-Screenprinted does not create texture or indentation into the component.
    • Silk-Screenprinted: Black ink on white dice
  • 4 Purple Specialty Dice | Six-Sided 16mm Acrylic Silk-Screenprinted
    • Silk-Screenprinted: White ink on purple dice
  • 4 Teal Specialty Dice | Six-Sided 16mm Acrylic Silk-Screenprinted
    • Silk-Screenprinted: White ink on teal dice
  • 4 Yellow Specialty Dice | Six-Sided 16mm Acrylic Silk-Screenprinted
    • Silk-Screenprinted: White ink on yellow dice
  • 18 DNA Tokens | 2mm chipboard
    • 2mm Chipboard is considered the highest quality for board games
  • 36 Sleep Tokens | 10cm plastic cubes
  • Rule Book
  • Box to hold it all! (obviously!)
    • 10” x 10” x 2”
    • 2mm thick chipboard
    • Final dimensions might change slightly
  • All items may be adjusted depending on stretch goals

Pledge Tier 1: Sticker $3

For $3 + shipping, you will receive our eternal gratitude for helping our game get that much closer to becoming a reality. 

As a physical token of that gratitude, we will send you one random dinosaur sticker featuring the art in the game. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to take requests, but we will be sharing a survey for folx to vote on their favorite dinosaurs so keep your eyes open and read the updates! The top dinosaurs will become the stickers we randomly send out. 

Pledge Tier 2: Base Game $39

Not only will we send you a random dinosaur sticker to show our appreciation, but at this tier level, you will also receive one copy of the game.

This seems pretty obvious as we wouldn’t say in the tier “base game” if you don’t get a copy of the game. The base game is great for folx who are on a budget or don’t care so much about the fancy components that will be added in the Deluxe game.At the base game tier, you will also receive any base tier stretch goals that we unlock during the campaign!

Pledge Tier 3: Deluxe Game $59

We decided to give you a bit more in appreciation since you are bringing us even closer to our goal.

You will receive a dinosaur sticker pack with a collection of stickers featuring art from the game. This is really lovely because you will get an assortment of stickers instead of just one, increasing your odds of getting that dinosaur you REALLY want.

You will also receive one copy of the base game. This helps us with our logistics and makes this tier possible for everyone to achieve what they would like without causing a lot of headaches, extra costs, and strain.

However, we are also adding in a few nicer components for you to really be able to enjoy the game: 

  • Acrylic DNA tokens – these feel really nice in your hand and are a nice throwback to the OG Dinosaur Park. The box will have a space for the chipboard version of the DNA tokens which can also be used for the acrylic too!
  • Hospital Player Boards – the four player boards will fold up and fit inside the box for the base game. These boards display the player’s hospital so they can easily see where the cards go and give them a dedicated space on the table.
  • All stretch goals! That’s right, we have some stretch goals that are exclusive to the Deluxe game, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Note about all Pledges

Regardless of what pledge tier you choose, you will be able to add on additional copies of the game or other add-ons we have available or unlock throughout the campaign. 

If you know for a fact that you want an add on, you can increase your pledge tier through Kickstarter to account for that. This is a great way to help us get to more stretch goals. When the campaign ends, we will have a pledge manager that you can visit to pick out everything you want. Going this route will get you a “credit” for the amount you contributed to the campaign in the pledge manager.

A pledge manager is almost like an online store with a shopping cart. The neat aspect of it is that it connects to Kickstarter so it knows what tier you pledged at and what you receive at that tier. It also knows how much you contributed which allows you to have that “credit” to apply to additional games, add-ons, or other things as you see fit. There’s nothing extra that you have to do outside of clicking a link and selecting the add-ons that you would like as well as paying any remaining balance (for shipping and additional add-ons you didn’t account for through Kickstarter.

Example: You want a deluxe tier game for yourself and a base tier game for a friend. You can update your Kickstarter pledge to $98 ($59 + $39) which will cover both of those tiers for games. When the campaign ends and we have successfully funded, you will be able to go to the pledge manager. In the pledge manager, it will show that you will receive a deluxe tier game and that you have a $39 credit which you can then put towards a copy of the base tier game. Alternatively, you can simply back at the $59 tier in Kickstarter and in the pledge manager add on a copy of the base tier for a friend. This route means that you will not have a $39 credit in the pledge manager; it would be charged separately with shipping.


We will not be collecting shipping costs through Kickstarter, but we will be giving you the most recent estimate for shipping that we have available. There are two really big reasons why we are not collecting shipping through Kickstarter.

  1. It gives you the most accurate quote for shipping costs. Shipping costs fluctuate constantly and we wouldn’t want to charge you more than it costs us. We are not looking to make money off of shipping.
  2. Kickstarter takes a nice percentage of our total campaign funding. If we include shipping costs through Kickstarter, we have the chance of losing money and having to supplement the shipping costs with our personal funds. 

Due to these two reasons, if we were collecting shipping through Kickstarter, we would have to charge you more to account for the percentage taken by Kickstarter. We don’t want to do that as we are not trying to make any money off of shipping.  While payment processing always takes a percentage of the sale, including shipping, we do not increase for that as it’s simply a part of being in business. We want to charge you exactly what it costs us. 

Something else to note is that, at this time, we are not able to ship to multiple addresses. This means that if you were to follow the example above and purchase a game for yourself as well as a game for a friend, then you would have to have both of the copies shipped to the same address. Some folx get around this by making a second Kickstarter account to purchase the items they want shipped to a different address.

Stretch Goals

While we will be sharing our planned stretch goals next week, I wanted to give you all a heads up on how we are handling them for this campaign!

As you can see with our components list above, we are using really high-quality materials for the game right out the bat! We don’t have to hope for a certain stretch goal to be able to give you the game we are proud of. The stretch goals are just really exciting things we are adding in to make it even better! With that being said, there may be some slight changes to the component list or items included at various pledge tiers based on the stretch goals we have managed to hit.

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