We brought them back, now YOU have to save them.

You are paleo-veterinarians, competing to save as many dinos as possible from modern illnesses and injuries. Roll dice, upgrade your hospital, and compete with fellow paleo-veterinarians to treat injured and sick dinosaurs. As long as the dinosaurs don’t wake up during treatment, nothing can go wrong…

1 - 4 Players

Ages 14 - 65 Million

10 Minutes per Player

Play on Tabletop Simulator

Easy to learn with a surprising amount of strategy!

Tranquilize Dinos

They’ll only sleep so long, so be sure to treat them quickly!

Provide Treatments

Match icons on custom dice with the treatments each dino needs.

Use Dino Abilities

Unique abilities on each of the 27 dino types provide benefits, restrictions, or new options.

  • Gain specialty dice, wild DNA tokens, and powerful upgrades to treat your patients more efficiently.

  • Cure dinos right away, or risk keeping them in your hospital for the benefits they provide.

What’s in the Box?

  • 50 Tarot-Sized Dinosaur Cards
  • 4 Reference cards
  • 20 Mini-Sized Upgrade Cards
  • 28 Custom Dice
  • 18 DNA Tokens
  • 26 Sleep Token
  • Rule Book