Seven Murders Til Midnight

Seven Murders Til Midnight


Seven Murders Til Midnight is a solo, journaling, role-playing game in the thriller genre. The game is available in digital, softcover, and hardcover formats.

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The world is often a dark and horrid place, and you’ve certainly seen the worst that humanity has to offer. At least you thought you had, until this latest string of murders.

In Seven Murders Til Midnight, you play the role of a detective. You might be a cop, a reporter, or just a concerned citizen. In any case, you find yourself on the trail of a serial killer.

As the bodies pile up, your only hope of catching this killer is to get inside their head. You need to anticipate their next move before they make it. But…

Are they anticipating your moves as well?

Is this all a game to them?

Seven Murders Til Midnight builds on the systems introduced in Absurdist Productions' previous solo RPG, Transformation.

Seven Murders Til Midnight takes place over seven in-game days. You’ll use a standard deck of playing cards to determine the scene of each murder, the clues left by the killer, the events of your investigation, and the mental anguish your character experiences as they attempt to track down and capture the person behind these horrible crimes.

As you investigate each murder, you’ll write a journal entry from your character’s point of view, describing the scene of the crime, what you find, and what you intend to do next.

You have access to two resources, known as Clues and Sanity. One will help you as you navigate the twisted events surrounding your hunt for the killer. The other will diminish as you face the horrors they have perpetrated.

The ending of each investigation will be based on how much of each resource you have when the clock strikes midnight on the final day.

Seven Murders Til Midnight is designed with replayability in mind. The mix of clues, scenes, and events (combined with your own imagination) ensures that no two plays will ever be the same. The scenes and events of Seven Murders Til Midnight are designed to fit together in surprisingly compatible ways, ensuring that your story is both compelling and coherent.

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