The Beast of Bridgedunon

The Beast of Bridgedunon


The Beast of Bridgedunon is a Fifth Edition adventure zine in the vein of classic fantasy role-playing.

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The town of Bridgedunon and the fortress from which it takes its name have stood guard for hundreds of years. Over the years, it has held against barbarians and fey armies, standing the tests of time. But now, in an era of peace, it faces a more subtle and insidious attack.
Farmers have reported the loss of sheep and goats, hunters have found the mutilated bodies of deer and elk in the woods, and strange tracks have been found, made by some massive and unknown beast. The townspeople have begun to fear for their lives, worried that the creature may soon start to crave human flesh.
Strangely, the local lord refuses to take action. It is up to the adventurers to solve the mystery. They must locate the beast and remove the threat it poses to the town.
Like our previous adventure, The Forest of Lost Children, this tale takes the players into a dark fairy tale reminiscent of the original Grimm stories. Everyone has their own secrets, and the danger to the town may not be quite what it seems.
This adventure contains 70 (8.5” x 5.5”) pages and is designed to be played in one or two sessions. The story can stand alone, follow as a sequel to The Forest of Lost Children, or be incorporated into a campaign set in any classic fantasy realm. The campaign is designed for a party level of 5 to 6, though suggestions are provided for adjusting every encounter based on party size and level.
There are multiple ways to resolve every encounter. Although violence is always an option, it isn't always the best option. At its heart, this adventure is a mystery to be solved. The campaign contains multiple variants of the final encounter and epilogues. The ending the players experience depends on which information they gather and how they decide to act on that information.

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