The Forest of Lost Children – PDF Download

The Forest of Lost Children – PDF Download


The Forest of Lost Children is a one-shot, Fifth Edition adventure zine in the vein of classic fantasy role-playing. This story takes the adventurers into a dark fairy tale of old, where children disappear into a dark forest of fantastical beasts, and nothing is ever quite what it seems.

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The Forest of Lost Children is 5.5" x 8.5", 60 pages, and contains two adventures, each designed to be played in a single evening (or maybe two with an easily distracted party). The two adventures can be played together as two parts of the same story, or each can stand alone as their own adventure. They can also easily be incorporated into a campaign set in any classic fantasy realm. The adventures are designed for a party of level 3 to 6, with notes included to adjust each encounter based on the party size and level to adjust the challenge. Designed to introduce a group of new gamers to the hobby but still challenging even for more hardened players.

The Forest of Lost Children presents a series of unique puzzles and combat encounters that can be both whimsical and deadly. In most cases, there is more than one way to complete each encounter and while violence is always an option, it isn't always the best option.

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