You Win When The Village Thrives

Winter Rabbit is a semi-cooperative game for 2-6 players. Compete to provide for your village as you prepare for Winter.

Launching this Summer.

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Winter Rabbit is a hidden-worker placement game, steeped in Cherokee folklore and culture.

  • Cultivation – Gathering resources requires a collective effort and planning.
  • Conservation – Balance immediate benefits with long-term strategy.
  • Continuation – Collective and personal engine building provides ongoing benefits.
  • Competition – Compete to provide the most for your community.


2-5 Players

90 Minutes

Ages 14+

Fresh Gameplay

Winter Rabbit turns classic Euro game mechanics on their head by focusing on positive interactions, collective goals, and reciprocal economics. Winter Rabbit is full of mischief, positive interactions, and clever combos.

Indigenous-Led Team

Winter Rabbit is created by an indigenous-led team of designers and artists. Graphic design and illustrations were created by certified Cherokee artists Jonni Ketcher and Kindra Swafford. The game was designed by Cherokee Nation citizen Will Thompson. Language and cultural aspects of the game have been vetted to ensure everything is depicted appropriately.

Coming To Kickstarter this Summer!

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